Outside of producing content LiveFi also supply broadcast and production services to Press, Broadcast and TV industries. By providing crew & equipment services to existing production houses we aim to make use of our diverse equipment and technical resources. LiveFi’s tech department maintains and engineers broadcast, lighting and camera equipment on a daily basis to the very highest standard. We offer dry, wet & cross hiring of equipment and operate as a dedicated service provider outside of producing content.


Technical Support

LiveFi’s tech department is available on a consultation basis across Video, Audio and Broadcast sectors. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians can solve almost any feasible problem in the production, digital and broadcasting space. Our team can handle anything from OB Systems Engineering to Remote Uplink Systems to Power and Generator Management to on-site fibre terminating to Rigging/Height Work and back again. LiveFi’s technical department are available 24/7 for all production related support on a contractor basis.


Satellite Uplink Services

LiveFi own various fly-away satellite terminals that can be deployed anywhere in the world ensuring a guaranteed uplink for live TX and mission critical news gathering. LiveFi is regularly deploying satellite terminals on venue rooftops, temporary structures, fields and forests. Our aim in the broadcast satellite market is to be as flexible, low-footprint and reliable as possible. Allowing productions and events to move freely and incorporate live TX elements from unique locations around the world is empowering to creating original experiences and content opportunities. LiveFi frequently use both KU & KA band services and offer engineers, bandwidth and terminals as a stand alone product or as an inclusive production service. LiveFi also offer 3G/4G bonding services used for location uplink and news gathering applications.


Junket Crews

LiveFi’s Junket solution is a well honed fast turn around machine comprising of a four/five strong team. Two camera basic, our junket crews cover press day interviews for international press campaigns. We can provide rushes and stems ready for TV edit on-site through our custom DIT set-up designed to create multiple backups immediately meaning interviewers can walk away with the footage within minutes. We can also provide FTP downloadable links extremely quickly via our fibre install dedicated line. We store all content in archive indefinitely for piece of mind and as an archive service. Tele-prompters and Ident-Cue Support can also be provided. We only utilise the highest spec equipment available at unbeatable price points. We’ve performed these services for: MTV, ITN, APTN, Sony Music, London Live, Reuters, CBBC, Channel 4, Five, 4music and many more.

What is a Junket?

A junket is a press opportunity that allows several interviewers back-to-back camera & interview time with Talent to gain content for their publication. It is much more efficient to provide one camera crew to film all the interviews who then provide the recordings to each respective interviewer. Speeding up talent availability and reducing crew logistics and footprint in Hotels and other typical press day venues is a huge advantage for addressing the necessary components of press days.


Post Production Services

Through a proprietary facility and trade arrangements LiveFi provide an industry spec post-production service. We ensure that our clients productions can realise anything from 4k Multi-Camera editing to ProTools Audio editing infrastructures with mission critical redundancy and speed. Our post production service offering is not all in-house, our role is to bring together the right editors, creatives, colourists and graders best suiting the style and look of your production. Every project is different and by committing to one production company can be limiting, we offer the best of both worlds with the aim of getting the most out of the edit.

Studio Hire

LiveFi are currently developing an in house studio and shooting space for both video and photographic content production. LiveFi studios will incorporate an infinity cove with green screen capabilities, various lighting trusses, 3-phase power and all modern studio necessities to cater for talent grooming and general subsistence. Benefitting from being located next to LiveFi’s kit store: lighting, lenses, cameras, on-site hands and rigging equipment will all be readily accessible. Pricing and Availability will be announced upon completion of developing the space. Watch this space for further announcements in 2015.

Equipment Hire

Broadcast Equipment, Lighting, Cameras, Lenses, Logistics Transportation, Uplink equipment … Service coming soon, please get in touch for more information.