Creative Video Services


LiveFi produce and create unique video and film work. Our aspirations and objectives lie with creatively developing engaging films that articulate an artist or brands spirit. Working directly with talent and creative representation we aim to bolster our productions through equal footed collaborations. Creating content as a partnership with directors, clients and talent leads to potentially ground breaking material. We bring our confidence in filming Music and related productions to the table to develop rafts of different video formats uniquely framing a part of an Artists / Brands journey. We encourage all our clients to send through treatment tenders to our team whatever the project.

We’ve worked on projects creating content for: Music Videos, Documentary style films, Introducing / Showcasing Videos, Promo Shoots, EPK’s, Branded content, B-Roll, Behind the scenes and Visual story telling.

LiveFi offers in house facilities in post production, graphics development, animation, titling, slates & title sequences allowing the entire creative development process to be managed and developed with a keen eye on creative consistency.


Content Creation

Every campaign deserves premium content designed specifically to bring to life core messaging, awareness and appropriate syndication alignment. Branded content is the life blood of a brands reach goals. There’s been countless brilliant arrangements between brands and artists that has lead to the creation of vast amounts of exciting projects and experiences that fans both engage with and relish.

Our goal is to create an experience with every video we produce, whether it be an immersive high-production value glossy content or curating user generated content in an engaging and functional way. LiveFi was built to concentrate on the relevance of content and applying it’s collaboration of resources and skills to delivering relevant content to a campaign and project.

Production Management

On-location and studio shoots both have their place when creating video content. Managing and producing content across multiple locations with tight deadlines requires a huge logistics process. LiveFi’s HQ in South London acts as a hub for organisation, planning and all things logistics. Ensuring everything is on time and on budget is essential for the success of every campaign. Value in this field comes from knowing who to call for any given problem. Whether it’s crewing, sourcing kit, tipping trucks, time management, technical set-up and trouble shooting. We at LiveFi bring this to the table for all our productions. Our teams background is both from a camera and broadcast background but also from a touring and artist management background where logistics and anticipating problems are everything.


LiveFi offers in house facilities and through trade relationships access to specialist facilities in the post production market. Graphics development, animation, titling, slates & title sequences, grading, colouring and legalising content are all well within our service offerings, in-house or otherwise. LiveFi understand the role and purpose of the moving parts of post-production. Knowing a facilities limits and understanding the value and reasoning for the huge fluctuations of price in the market allow us to manage, understand and negotiate the best possible solution for the post-production process for our projects.