LiveFi specialise in providing multi-camera live video content to the live events industry. We put together custom broadcast infrastructures to create spectacular live footage for live transmission. Our goal is to work directly with our clients and their creative representation to create unique experiences and showcase fresh perspectives of live performances and events content opportunities.

Multi-Camera workflows are essential in Live environments to guarantee quality control, tailoring a look and realising complete coverage. By shooting in a Director lead ‘Line Cut’ workflow the production team and creative directors are able to control all elements of the video and ensure that the best possible moments are filmed with perfect execution.


What’s a Line Cut?

A broadcast environment where multiple cameras are connected to a group of monitors (screens) in front of a Director who then calls which shot (angle) is to be chosen for output. A vision mixer that processes and routes all the camera feeds is used to physically select which camera is ‘live’ and outputting the master feed. This constitutes a live edit; the master feed can be used for immediate live broadcast or can be recorded.

We often provide the following services to our clients: Live Streaming, Live-to-Air Cinema, Events Coverage, Interactive Broadcast, 360 Live, Screens, Satellite links, HangOuts, Multi-Location Programme Coverage and Outside Broadcast Services.

Integrating ‘Live’ and ‘As Live’ content into an Artists’ or Events’ marketing strategy is an essential market penetration tool. Live video content has been established as a rewarding tangible income generating tool for modern Online and Events markets. LiveFi strive to deliver your vision and Live opportunity through relentless production support and creative integrity.

One Direction 'Four Live Stream' - BTS Photos - 09.11.14 (8 of 9)

Our Approach

If you’re looking to do something innovative, news worthy and exciting at the bleeding edge of digital technology, LiveFi is your team! See why below…

We pride our selves on our approach and values to multi-camera live projects. We also LOVE kit but we love it’s capability more! Technology has never been more experimental and accessible to try new things and create new looks and experiences. Utilising large sensor cameras (35mm and super 35mm) in a broadcast setting can be a big challenge but if you want a cinematic and filmic look there really isn’t any choice, in our opinion. That’s why we’ve built all the features you’d find in typical broadcast cameras to be able to perfectly integrate with cinema style cameras. Having this control with cameras and lenses that shoot the most highly regarded artistic content in the world really speaks for itself in a multi-camera shoot.

At the same time every project needs a rock solid core infrastructure to make sure all the kit works first time to ensure the creatives and directors can focus on the creative without any distractions or delays. Our approach is to take the experimental and make it work for the creative; reliably and consistently.

Multi-camera productions require huge thought and consideration in respect to camera positions, lighting, live editing style, look, feel, aesthetic. Planning a creative properly is a hugely important part of what we do, if not the most important. We work and collaborate with all kinds of creative directors to ensure their vision is fully realised. We pride our selves on being able to accommodate and find the best directors for a given project. Experience, Vision and Style are prerequisites for matching our clients projects with the right directors.

Live Streaming

LiveFi have produced over 100 live streams with some of the biggest and most successful acts in the world. The two main aspects of a live stream are the following: Creative & Technology.


Live streams by definition are mission critical. They require tremendous amounts of cutting edge technology to work in unison to deliver a Live broadcast globally in real time. Live streams are often key parts of international campaigns. LiveFi’s team, equipment and skill sets enable seamless live broadcasts no matter the location or diversity of publishing points. Redundancy, our favourite word, is the backbone of our live streaming infrastructure. We bring multiple encoders, uplink sources, power distro’s, comms units, V/M’s, even spare cameras to guarantee that we deliver the most reliable possible service available any where. Key components of our infrastructure automatically fail over to backup in the very rare case of equipment failure. Our kit is maintained and tested before and after every project. LiveFi’s investment in enterprise class equipment and roster of successfully live streamed projects is a testament to how seriously and personally we take a Live TX.

Master Screen Shot Project

Why live stream?

Live streaming is a huge growth area in the events and performance industries. It’s proven to be an extremely valuable promotional tool with tangible revenue opportunities to digital campaigns. Live streams pose huge opportunities for social interactivity and audience engagement. Delivered properly a live stream can create a world-wide moment to reward a fan base and realise unparalleled reach opportunities in respect to cost. Live streams create spikes in online interactivity and often lead to world wide twitter trends during the broadcast. A recent live stream we produced for Little Mix managed to achieve Nine (9) concurrent world wide twitter trends from hash tags (#) associated with the live stream.

What’s possible?

Pretty much everything! Live streaming is an increasingly developing tool. Our interests within this space are working with our clients in developing and incorporating:  fresh event formats, presenter lead interviews, interactive and fan lead media inclusion, production value equipment, animated graphics and stings, titling, multi-location streams, 360 live-video, pre-roll, ad. serving, VT play out, data capture, territorial content control, user selectable camera angles, product placement, embeddable players, media partners and brand awareness. We recently worked with Living Indie and Club Attitude to broadcast a live stream with CC Live Subtitles for an access awareness event.


Live-to-Air Cinema

Live-to-Air cinema involves broadcasting content from one venue to multiple cinema screens around the country or world. Being able to ticket seats outside of a venues capacity or screening unique one-time-only events to a paying cinema audience is a hugely unique campaign strategy for creating and delivering an experience. Having an extremely reliable Satellite infrastructure is a huge contributing factor to the success of live-to-air cinema.

LiveFi and Sony Xperia Access joined forces to deliver a nationwide Live-to-Air cinema campaign for Kasabian. Broadcasting out of the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square to fans around the country who were able to view a unique Live “In Conversation” with Kasabian and exclusive BTS video content followed by a full performance from Victoria Park in Leicester. Read and watch more here…

Satellite Link

Satellites are incredibly useful tools to ‘go-live’ from any location. With all live content and distribution a method of getting the content in real time to a distribution platform that user’s around the world can access is often the main priority for the project. LiveFi provide various satellite uplink services both for our own projects and on a wet-hire facilities basis to projects we are not producing. We can provide cost effective remote uplink systems as well as broadcast leasing SNG equipment. We have an extremely strong relationship with various satellite providers around the UK and Europe, namely Sematron.